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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Very Full Email Box

Just when I thought I cleared out my mailbox of all the wonderful snail mail holiday cards, I found my email box was just as full!

Thanks go to:

Comet and BLU of AZ at

Noah, Willow, Tess, and Lucy from Australia at
And Dobby of NC sent us one. You can visit him at
And one from Fred of TX at
And a very interesting one from the Phillippines from Sweepy and friends of

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A Christmas Story by Sweepy

Once upon a Time . . . in a land, far far away . . . lived two Hounds

who met on the night of the full moon and vowed their undying love to each other . . .

They were inseparable and lived quietly and contentedly together. . .

In a short time, the female hound found herself pregnant and her mate became protective of her . . .

However, they lived in a land ruled by people. And the ruler of this land is a cruel King who hates animals.

The King saw a lot of dogs running around the land so the King gave an order for all puppies to be killed,

and for all dogs NOT to mate so there won’t be any more puppies!

“Ha! That should STOP the spread of their kind!” the King laughed.

The poor dogs cried and quietly slipped out of this land before they can be found

and wandered on a moonless night out in the wild. . . . .

The Hounds joined the wild exodus to escape and deliver their first puppy in an unknown and possibly dangerous land.

In the wild, the Hounds were met by many animals like them who have escaped the wrath of the King.

There was a big exodus of animals and there was no place for the Hounds in the noisy and unfamiliar wilderness.

But the female Hound was about to give birth so the male Hound looked to the skies in prayer and found a Star!

The Star seemed to speak to the male Hound and guided their path to an old house where a Lady met them

and gave them shelter. Seeing that the female Hound was pregnant, the Lady made a comfortable bed

for the Hounds in her small house and like the male Hound looked to the sky for prayers.

Hearing the prayers from the land below, the lone Star in the sky became bright and its light focused

on the female Hound who gave birth to a single puppy!

The light helped the female Hound to have a painless delivery! It also helped the Lady eased her lonely heart.

And the Star remained in the sky lighting up the old house and warmed the hearts of the Hounds

and the Lady who decided to adopt each other and they became a family!

And on that special night in December, as the winds howled, and the birds chirped happily, a bright lone Star

twinkled merrily as it witnessed the loving bond that surrounded a Hounds family once upon a time . . .!!!!

Epilogue: I must tell you my dearest friends that this could be a real story.

I knew that the puppy later grew up as a SuperDog ;-)

who barked loudly at clueless and cruel peeps irregardless if they are Kings!

I also knew that this story exists to the present in several lands

and quiet homes lighted by the DWB Star and kind Keepers.

. . . And with that, we wish you and your family good health, warm hugs and kisses, yummy treats,

exciting play and adventures and may you have plenty of Love in this Holiday Season!!!

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Fred said...

Hey, it's me! All this card exchanging is making me hungry! heehee

Simba said...

Dropping by to say hello. Hope you had a good weekend.

Simba x

Andra said...

We have gotten lots of cards too!! It is fun!!-Luke and Liesel