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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Long Canidae, Hello Wellness

We have recently decided to switch Cayman from Canidae Life Stages dry dog food to Wellness brand since it is becoming more and more difficult to make it down to the only local pet boutique, which is still over 30 minutes away, that sells it whereas Petco sells Wellness, is closer to our house and is on my way to and from work. My timing could not have been better. Apparently Canidae changed its formula and its making lots of dogs really sick. All the complaints I have read about Canidae all occur around the same time as the new formula change and all consist of the same issues- diarrhea and vomiting (see the reports for yourself at ).

I don’t know exactly when the change in the formula was made ( I do know I purchased my last bag of Canidae around July 22) as part of the complaint is that Canidae did not announce it was changing its formula which could have added to the issue of digestive upset. I personally have not had any issue and I am down to maybe a week or so of Canidae left out of a 15 pound bag. Most pet food companies will tell you to go into a transition period of mixing your old food with the new food and usually that’s if you are switching brands but its just as important to do the transition when your current brand changes its formula. I can’t blame Canidae completely. It’s done amazing things for my parent’s beagle mix, Roxy’s coat. But I do find it a bit upsetting that such a reputable company would overlook such an important subject. Had these customer’s that have filed complaints been made aware of the change, they could have purchased a bag of the “new and improved” formula and mixed it with what they had left of the older formula. But the severity of the issues described in the complaints are enough to make me firm in my decision to switch and switch for good. As I said before, I still have some of the Canidae left over so I will be purchasing some Wellness brand tonight and doing the transition period properly.

Other than the recent complaints about the new formula, Canidae and Wellness are considered Five Star Premium dog foods (out of a six star rating), both are holistic; all natural; human grade; without by-products, wheat, corn, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives. The only negative aspects of Wellness is that it contains canola oil as a source of linoleic acid in which manufactures argue whether or not its is a high quality ingredient and that it has some fillers such as rice bran and rye flour which are not necessarily bad, but considered much, much better than some of the fillers used by lower quality commercial dog foods. According to that is the only “con” to the dog food. They also state that they “do retain some concerns with the overall meat content of the food” since it does not have as many meat sources as some other foods, making it a Five Star grade rather than a Six Star rated premium food which is fine since I already supplement my food with canned dog food and fresh boiled organ meats.

Wellness also carries a line of canned dog foods, treats, and biscuits under the name Old Mother Hubbard as well.

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Ben said...

Wellness has been a godsend in our house with one dachshund with severe allergies to chicken. I highly recommend it!