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Did you know that pet visits often spark good memories of a person's own pets? Dogs often can reach people and children who have withdrawn from the world. It's been suggested by science that petting a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote healing.



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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cayman Comes Home!

Last night Nils and I FINALLY got to go pick up Cayman, our longhaired miniature dachshund puppy right on his 8 week old birthdate! When we arrived to the breeders house, we were happily greeted by several dachshunds including our little man, Cayman. We were pleased to see that all the dogs had excellent dispositions, even Raven- the black and tan longhaired female who had a litter of 4 week old pups on a large pillow in the middle of the living room floor. This litter of puppies was the litter we were originally waiting for but after much thought, decided to go with a pup from a previous litter. Raven was very trusting even with two complete strangers picking up and cuddling her young puppies. It was a good sign that all the dogs in this particular breeder’s care had excellent dispositions which is what we were expecting to have in our little Cayman as well.

Our breeder went on to show us the kennels where the dachshunds all sleep at night and proudly boosted that Cayman has finally stopped the crying and howling at night and even has stopped wetting or soiling his bed unlike one of her older puppies, Popcorn, who was 14 weeks old.  We can only hope that continues with us too!

Before we left with our pride and joy, we were presented a nice gift basket, all done in blues, with puppy toys, a sample of the puppy food he had been on, a baby blanket and his health certificate and microchip information. What a wonderful way to welcome home a new baby than with a gift basket! It was such a nice gesture!

The whole ride home, Cayman was very good. He spent the majority of the time sleeping on shoulders, sandwiched between my neck and my seat. I think he liked it up there since he could see out the window. He was so good, we even stopped for lunch at Checkers and I was able to eat with him sitting on my lap without trying to stick his head in the bag or grab at my chicken strips. We hope he continues his disinterest in human food and begging, but being a dachshund, we aren’t expecting that will happen!

When we finally got home, we had to show off our new puppy. Gerry and Lisa, our neighbors across the street, were outside in their driveway with my parents and Shaylee so we brought him over to meet the gang. Of course everyone thought he was just too darn cute.


Cayman got his first collar last night as well. Bright blue with his engraved ID tag. He’s still getting used to it. He keeps trying to look down at it, causing him to walk backwards or flop over on his side or scratching at it. I kinda feel bad for the little guy but it’s something he is just going to have to get used to it!

Our first night went pretty well. After playing for a while, Cayman was finally all tuckered out so we put him in his Petmate Pet Taxi which we are using a kennel. He went right to sleep. It wasn’t until 3:30 am that I was awaken by his whimpering and crying. I took him out and noticed he wet the bed, the poor thing. I took him out to go potty, which he did not do, and changed him bedding.  After getting him back in his kennel and settling him down, he slept till 4:45. Again I took him out, then kenneled him again. He then slept till Shaylee woke up in the morning, around 6:30am.

Considering all the excitement of a new home, Cayman did really, really well his first night. He only had one other accident (poop) before the bed wetting incident which is to be expected until he learns what is expected from him at his new home.



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