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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raising a Toddler and Puppy At the Same Time

Last night we got Cayman off to bed the way with a nightlight and a soft bone shaped toy that we rubbed all over ourselves so it smelled like us. As soon as we turned on the nightlight and put the bone toy in his kennel, he walked right in and laid down, his head resting on the bone toy like a pillow and was quickly off to sleep. So far so good!

Or so I thought my night would be restful and easy. Boy was I wrong!

Raising a puppy and a toddler at the same time is harder than I thought. This morning, around 4 am, my daughter, woke up crying for eggs of all things, and when I told her it was too early to have eggs, she threw a fit which woke up Cayman who then started his crying and whining episode which woke up my husband. Nils took Cayman outside while I tried to settle Shaylee down. When Nils returned and put Cayman back in his kennel (he peed and pooed outside!), Cayman quickly settled down. Then Shaylee had one of her meltdowns- kicking, screaming and crying for the puppy and her pacifier. I tried to tell her that the pacifer was in her hand already obviously, she was overly tired due to the early hour. Her commotion stirred Cayman up so both of them were crying and causing quite a racket. Let me remind you we are living with my parents and younger brother in a three bedroom, two bath house- all in tile with cathedral ceilings so everything echoes. So everyone in the house was woken around 4:30 in the morning to a screaming and crying two year old and puppy. Sigh. Luckily I was able to get them both settled and neither one stirred again till about 6:30am.

And before I forget- ANOTHER DRY KENNEL NIGHT! I swear, I might as well quit mentioning this since it doesn't appear that its gonna change- Cayman is an ol' pro at this by now! So I will only mention if he has any setbacks.

Cayman is also handling his half of a chicken heart every other day. All the dogs get one and they love it.

Today is my daughter's 2nd birthday party (her actual birthday was the 18th) so Cayman will get to join us for half of the party and then will enjoy the 2nd part of it in his puppy playpen (or not enjoy is probably what I should have said). With four young kids, one being autistic, at the party, we want to wear him out but not overly stress him. He tends to sleep quite a bit, typical for pups his age, and we don't him to constantly want to be bothered by a bunch of young kids all hyper on cake and ice cream. But this way, by getting to join the party for at least half of it, we can get him socialized with other people. That and most of the guest have not gotten a chance to see the long awaited puppy they have been hearing about for months!

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