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Did you know that pet visits often spark good memories of a person's own pets? Dogs often can reach people and children who have withdrawn from the world. It's been suggested by science that petting a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote healing.



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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cayman's 2nd Day Home

Cayman’s second day at his new home went really well too. He discovered his reflection in my parent’s mirrored closet doors and spent a good majority of the day play bowing and lunging at the “mirror puppy”, beckoning it to play. We got a cute little video clip of it.

As far as accidents in the house, Cayman has had a few. But he did pee-pee outside all on his own twice and pooped out there once (I caught him circling and ran him outside). I must have looked like a lunatic when he made the first poo-poo outside, praising him like crazy. Since the grass is nearly as tall as he is, anyone just passing by would think I was praising my lawn, unable to see him by the tall grass. Thank goodness my  neighbors know about him already! LOL!

Shaylee, my daughter, has really taken to Cayman. Even though she is only two, she is extremely gentle with him, petting him softly. Once in a while she tried to pick him up and we have to remind her that “he’s just a little baby and we have to be very careful not to hurt him”. She likes to take his tail and wag it for him saying “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle”. It’s really cute. She does get upset when he takes a nap though. She cried for quite some time yesterday afternoon because Cayman was sleeping in the middle of the kitchen floor instead of playing with her. She is still too young to understand that all babies need to take naps. I think it was that she was cranky and needing one herself.

Cayman’s second night went even better than before. He managed to stay asleep and didn’t wake up whimpering and crying till 4:30am. Ahh, it’s like having a newborn baby again! LOL! We took him outside to go potty (which he did not do and instead tried to settle down in the grass to go back to sleep!) and returned him to his kennel.  When he started his whimpering and crying again I would shush him sharply and snap my fingers and he would settle down. This method seems to be working as within about 20 minutes he is settled back down and sleeping again. The best part of last night- NO ACCIDENTS in his kennel! Hurray!

Today Nils is going in late to work since he will be accompanying me to Cayman’s vet appointment. Part of the sales agreement for Cayman stated that we have 48 hours to have him examined by a vet of our choice. I made an appointment at a VCA hospital in town a couple weeks ago so today we will have him examined, discuss the age and cost of getting him neutered, and see about getting a prescription for Revolution. I prefer Revolution since it is flea and tick preventative and heartworm preventative in one. I have had great success with it with my other dogs in the past and feel it is the best preventative on the market, and the most convenient too.

Today I will also be taking Cayman to Petsmart to buy some training treats. Since I will not be returning to work until Thursday, I am using this mini vacation to get some training with Cayman accomplished. I would love to work on getting him used to walking on a leash so that we can start taking him and the other dogs (Zoey, our toy poodle, and Roxy, my parents’ beagle mix) out each evening. That and continue to work on learning his name. Even since we decided on the name, we had the breeder call him that from the start so he would learn faster. He seems to come almost every time we call him but  I want to work with him more so he looks up at our face when we say it, not just following us when we call him as we walk away. Also while at Petsmart, I want to look into their puppy education classes. Although I plan to work with Cayman at home, I would like to get some sort of more formal training with a professional too. Petsmart seems to be the best deal as it is a 8 week course for a little over a hundred dollars. I just hope they have a high success rate.

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