Photobucket Photobucket Therapy dogs spread happiness, love, and cheer to people who otherwise might be lonely, sad or slow to heal. This is the journey of Cayman, a longhair miniature dachshund and his journey and experiences visiting becoming a therapy dog.

Did you know that pet visits often spark good memories of a person's own pets? Dogs often can reach people and children who have withdrawn from the world. It's been suggested by science that petting a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote healing.



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Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Fun Dogocope Stuff

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

  • • Sign of The Ram
    • Ruling Planet - Mars
    • Most Desirable Qualities - Loyalty and Trust
    • Talent - Heart breaker; forgets past failures
    • Physical Characteristics - Active and energetic,
    prone to headaches and sun stroke
    • Lucky Day - Tuesday
    • Most Harmonious Signs - Sagittarius, Leo

ME FIRST! That's You! Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac; the sign of a born leader. Your natural vitality drives you to be the "lead dog" and to stay the "lead dog." .

You need space and lots of it and a variety of people in your life, so you are destined to disappear often. Remember, Houdini was an Arian, and you have learned his secrets well. .

You are quick to learn, proud and ambitious and because of these traits you will be able to endear yourself to almost everyone in almost every situation. But those around you should never doubt who holds the leash in this family for you consider yourself to be completely in charge at all times. In fact, you are sure you know not only what is best for you, but also what is best for your master! In spite of this tug of war, or perhaps because of it, you are a loyal and trusted companion.

Your heart is easily moved although you don't show it quite so intensely. You are apt to be quite spoiled because the opposite sex lavishes you with attentions. Happy conditions surrounding your home base make not only for family unity, but make for unusual love opportunities as well. Enjoy yourself for this year will be bright and glorious for you!

You fall in love at first sight and first sight will mean a sweetheart on every corner. Left alone in these situations (even momentarily) could result in an unexpected litter of LookaLikaMe's. According to the stars, however, your best mate would be one born under the sign of Libra.

A creature of habit (and I do mean habit) those around you will find you have little tolerance for re-arranging things in life. You expect your walk promptly at the same time every day, dinner promptly on time and you expect your favorite chair to remain where you like it and you will not forgive being boarded (ever)! Transgressions may cause you to disappear and cause great worry at home. Work on being less stubborn and more flexible (if only you could!) .

Your lucky number is 4 and you will find your soul mate born between September 23 and October 31. Your favorite color is red.

APRIL 19th:
You have a changeable temperament are fond of food, travel and the out doors. You should take great pride in your possessions and abilities and use them to your best advantage. You are loved sincerely and will have many close friendships. Friendly and good-hearted you are likely to experience an active life. A natural instinct for quickly assessing situations helps put you one step ahead in getting what you want. You possess extremely strong desires and need the love of those born in October, December or March. Good wishes are coming your way!

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