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Monday, November 10, 2008

The 411 on 42299

I just received the weirdest phone call ever. I didn't catch the woman's name but she claimed to be from NuVet which, if you have read my previous weblogs, is the best product ever for keeping your pet healthy and live a long life.

Anyhow, she said that she was browsing the web and came across my blog and was very happy to see me promoting the product, blah, blah, blah. She asked if she could make a suggestion and that would be to change the link I have of to She said it was because when you clicked on the link I posted it pulled up all my personal information. This raised some suspicion since I know when you get to the site you have to log in with a password. And then the address she rattled off wasn't my address. Upon further search into previous weblogs I found that I had recieved a comment from a groomer named Susan asking me to put those very same numbers at the end of my link!


So I called Nuvet and they are looking into the matter further. They have the phone number from which she called me on and some additional information. Basically I think it is a scam from a groomer aiming for some kind of personal gain for herself by scaring me into thinking my personal info was at stake. And furthermore it makes Nuvet look bad. I don't mean to trash talk, and honest don't think I am. I am just stating how disappointed how low some people will go, even to lie about who they are. Isn't that against the law or something? Hell, if I really wanted to trash talk I'd put her blog link in here. But I'm not that kinda girl.

So yes, dear readers- you can log into the site at That is the website, any "code" at the end is just for credit for someone else somewhere.

I will say, however, that this does not change how I feel about the product-it's fantastic. And the customer service I received, even for such a strange inquiry, was handles with professionalism and care. I can not say enough good things about Nuvet.

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Neabear said...

That is definitely strange. I am glad you went to NuVet so they can follow up on the strange stuff. It did sound like a scam didn't it? I hope NuVet is successful in finding the info they need.