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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Dachshunds Are Not Allowed to Bake

Yesterday was the first day we left all three dogs alone in the house while we went off to work because our water guy was coming to check out pump (we have well water). And before I left I got down on all fours and inspected the house for anything Cayman could possibly get into. He's still a pup and can get into things. All unaccessable rooms were shut off or had baby gates up to prevent unwanted canine visitors. Well, my mom comes home around noon and is able to check on them and at that time all was well. All three dogs are just hanging out, lounging on the sofas.

Then around 5:15 I get home. My younger brother has just gotten in before me and says "Cayman got into something". Instantly I am scanning my brain, trying to think what on earth he could have found, always suspecting the worse. Did he chew up another cord? Did he throw something up? Is he okay? Speaking of, where is he??

"W-what....what was it?" I asked him cautiously while looking around for him. He usually greets me, jumping and stumbling me in an over exuberant fashion.

"Powdered sugar."Anthony tells me.

"WTF? Where on earth did he find powdered sugar?!" I don't wait for a reply because now Cayman is sitting, not jumping on me, at my feet, wagging his tail, looking guilty as all naughty puppies tend to do. I walk into our living room and it looks like a scene from Scarface. There is white powder all over the living room rug. A chewed up confectioners sugar box is on the counter. Anthony, being the typical lazy brother at least managed to take away the surving box of sugar at least.

So we think the scerio probably went along something like this...
Roxy, my parent's beagle mix is on a diet and knows how to open cupboards (she, and not my two year old daughter, is why we have child locks on all the cupboards) and probably nugged the baking cupboard open since boxes of cereal kept it from closing all the way where the child lock would have prevented her being able to open. Not satisfied with boxed of puffed wheat, powdered sugar and all our mixing bowls, Roxy probably lost interest in the open cupboard and went off to go pout. Cayman, who is Roxy's shadow when I am not around to follow, took interest in this newly undiscovered area of the kitchen. He probably grabbed the first thing he could investigate, which was an already opened box of powdered sugar, dragged it to the living room so the chew-fest could begin. After the powdered sugar poured onto the floor, all three dogs begun licking it, which ground the fine powder into the carpet, making it sticky so it would not vacume up at all.

Needless to say, we have to shampoo the carpet now. And Cayman is forbidden to attempt any baking in the living room.


Neabear said...

Oh my gosh!! What a hoot! Well I hope you guys can laugh about it after you have gotten it all cleaned up. That is one of those "Gotta Save" funny stories. I can just see Cayman trying to look oh so innocent. Were the dogs on a sugar high for awhile?

River said...

Now I understand! Although beagles are just as naughty. One of us even learned to pull the oven door down and get up that way--so my mom has it duct taped shut bol

love & wags,

Abby said...

Hi, Cayman...

Good job with the powdered sugar...I wish I had thought of that...

Anyway...Thanks for stopping by my Blog & signing my GuestBook a few days ago...I love making new friends...

Stop by again when you get a minute...

Abby xxxooo