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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sponge Bob Invades Our Lives

I hate Sponge Bob. I refuse to let my two year old daughter watch Sponge Bob. When she received a hand-me-down Sponge Bob character stuffed animal, I quickly got rid of it before she could get attached. I hate Sponge Bob. I would never, ever buy anything with Sponge Bob on it. So you can imagine my state of confusion when unloading my Walmart groceries to find a package of two yellow Sponge Bob tennis balls. WTF???Hmm.

My husband, knowing my extreme dislike for Sponge Bob would never have put them in the cart; besides, neither of us plays tennis either. So then the next suspect in the appearance of the Sponge Bob balls is my daughter, Shaylee. She must have put them in the cart while we were not looking, which would be the first for us. Anyhow, I gave them to the dogs figuring they wouldn't care for them and then I wouldn't feel bad about ditching them later. But Shaylee and the dogs must of had a plan. They love these stupid smiley tennis balls! How could I ever get rid of something they love so much? Here is a couple pics taken at different times where Cayman just can't let these tennis balls go, I think they just might be one of his favorite toys now.
I still hate Sponge Bob though, for the record.


Raising Addie said...


I don't care for Sponge Bob either.

But those pictures are just precious!


Neabear said...

That silly doggy and his tennis balls. But a lot of dogs like to play with tennis balls. There was always a few tennis balls in my parents house to toss for the dogs.

Neabear said...

Oh I forgot to mention, I promise I won't buy any Sponge Bob stuff as gifts. I probably wouldn't anyway since I don't care for Sponge Bob either. LOL!