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Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Shopping Begins and Bolt the Movie

This is the first year I have specifically requested to have Black Friday off. Not that I have tons of shopping to do, but wanted to experience some of the "one day only" sales. My husband took the day off too and after buying for our human child, we purchased some goodies for our furry ones. This included a brand new stocking for Cayman, Zoey-our toy poodle, and Sterling- our cat. They are too freaking cute! I have been looking for cute stockings for Zoey and Sterling for a while and this is Cayman's first Christmas so he needed one anyhow. The red ones are for dogs and the green ones are for cats. They even have a hanging photo frame for a picture of the pet with "naughty" on one side and "nice" on the other.
While out shopping, we stopped into Borders where I found an awesome organic dog treat cookbook that is on my Christmas list! Its 225 pages of over 100 organic and all natural dog treat recipes that are free from corn, wheat, and soy- something I try to avoid in everything I buy the dogs if I can help it. Its called "The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook". Pretty straight forward, huh? Its hardbound and vintage looking which I love also. Here's the description of the book on : "When it comes to dog biscuits, there's a lot out there, but not one as concerned with your pets health and happiness as ours! While most of the competition goes for novelty, the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook stands alone in featuring tail-waggingly tasty 100% organic ingredients. Written by an expert who runs the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company, it contains more than 100 all-natural recipes double what most other dog cookbooks have. That s sure to appeal to owners eager to feed their dog homemade after the recent commercial pet food scare. The wholesome doggie dishes (all tried, true and taste tested) include a Luck of the Irish Wolfhound dog treat with such ingredients as oat flour and spinach leaves, and a beef-based Grillin and Chillin hot dog!" Then all I need is a few cute doggy-shaped cookie cutters in my stocking and I am all set to make my own dog treats.

Speaking of dog treats..........

We went to Dipidy Dawg which is a gourmet dog bakery. My husband- who is turning more and more into the dog spoiling sucker I have always been- got two Fido's Footballs which are molasses flavored football shaped cookies with yogurt piping to look like the football laces, and a bag of 'Temptations' for each of the dogs, which are like mini bone shaped candies for dogs. Zoey, being a white poodle, got a bag of the white yogurt flavored and Cayman, being golden colored, got the peanut butter flavored. They are all organic and are made with yogurt or peanut butter, palm kernel oil and lecithin. We will be putting the 'Temptations' in each of their stockings; the footballs were to enjoy now, just because they are so wonderful.
You can actually order the cookies by visiting their website:

We finished our day by going to the theater to see Disney Pixar's "Bolt" which is HILARIOUS and a real tear jerker all in one. Anyone who loves dogs and Disney HAS to see this movie. I like comedies but I have yet to find a movie that has made me laugh as hard as this one did. The hamster, Rhino, is the best character ever. Hubby had to whisper to me "don't forget to breathe!" because I was laughing so hard in some of the scenes! And I was right, Bolt is suppose to be a white Shepherd. So there Hubby!

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Neabear said...

That sounds like a fun movie to watch. I am glad you had so much fun watching it. I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it captioned. Everyone here enjoyed talking to Nils yesterday when he called. Aunt Sandra was impressed you guys have Shaylee in Kindermusik. So cool! No shopping for me today. Did you read about the guy in NY who was trampled to death from the shoppers storming the doors? I could not believe that. We had a memorial service to attend today. Plus I worked. Now I have a bad headache again. Blech!

Simba said...

Have a great weekend.
Simba x

Abby said...


My Mom says she wants to see that movie, too...

I'm gonna tell her to get that book...I don't think a dog can have too may biscuits...

Abby xxxooo